Microdosing is trending in the Canadian psychoactive substance community. People microdose psychedelic shrooms for a variety of reasons, with the most common being to improve health, creativity and productivity. Microdosing shrooms also relieves stress without getting too high or having a bad trip. Such reasons make microdosing particularly important when it comes to magic mushrooms.

When microdosing shrooms, you put yourself on the verge of experiencing their psychedelic effects while benefiting from their beneficial effects on mental health.

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Microdosing is pretty straightforward in that it is basically taking micro doses of psychoactive substances. Individuals microdose magic mushrooms for many reasons, but most commonly, they use it to boost productivity and improve mental health without experiencing the intense psychedelic effects that are normally associated with shrooms.

Microdosing larger amounts of mushrooms can be a challenge for newcomers. This is why we’ve decided to introduce psilocybin-based products that we’ve already divided into small set doses. Each capsule contains a fixed dose of psilocybin to help you achieve consistency with your medication schedule.

Larger quantities of psychedelic mushrooms may be overwhelming over the long haul. While illuminating realizations about reality and the cosmos can be inspiring and eventually broaden your horizons, tripping on a regular basis may prevent you from getting things done throughout the day.

Therefore, microdosing shrooms is a great option for individuals who wish to open their mind and enhance their creativity, but while still being able to do everyday tasks.

Furthermore, taking micro doses of magic mushrooms also has many medical benefits according to the latest research. Scientists have linked the microdosing of psilocybin with a reduction of symptoms of anxiety and depression, and overall improvement in mental health and well being.

According to Dr. James Fadiman, the author of a book The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, microdosing is an all-round wellness enhancer, where everything is a little bit better. Individuals behave better, are happier, more tolerant, and just more positive overall.

If you’ve never consumed dried psilocybe mushrooms, microdosing is a good starting point. It’s the safest known approach to introducing psychoactive substances into your system. People microdose with cannabis, LSD, so why not do the same with shrooms, which are somewhere in the middle when it comes to their psychedelic potency?

Wondering how to microdose your mushrooms for maximum benefit? Here’s a simple guide for beginners:

Think of microdosing as an art that you must master if you want to get the right experience. If you’re experienced with psychedelics, you should have no problem fine-tuning the craft to optimize the results, but nobody is born an expert.

Dr. Fadiman recommends starting by doing 0.3 of a gram of dry psilocybe mushrooms once every three days. Having a two-day off period gives you a window to really assess the benefits of the micro dose, and helps your body avoid building tolerance to frequent doses.

Needless to say, everybody’s different, and so will be your response to the effects of magic mushrooms. It’s important that you regularly observe the effects and increase or downsize the dose to your body’s preference.

If things start getting vivid, you’re breaching the micro dose. On the other hand, if the effects resemble something similar to the afterglow bliss after a regular dose of psychedelics, then you’re near the sweet spot.

But most importantly, it’s recommended to know your intentions when microdosing with shrooms, and approach it with caution. You can keep a journal to track any differences in how you feel and perceive your surroundings. The goal with microdosing is to be able to go about your normal life without getting high on shrooms. Exercising, eating well, and reducing the amount of stress from environmental factors will almost certainly help enhance the effects of your micro doses.