Tips for your First Shrooms Trip

Shrooms have gained immense popularity over the last couple of years, with a substantial number of individuals turning to them for a wide range of mental and physical benefits.

For centuries, human beings have consumed psychedelic and psychoactive compounds like magic mushrooms and cannabis for various reasons, including spiritual fulfillment, mental calmness, physiological support, and physical relief.

If you are preparing to embark on your first psychedelic trip, you must first understand that taking psychedelics, in this case, shrooms, is not something casual. It would help if you were prepared and informed of the whole process.

You can either have a smooth and memorable trip or a bad trip that sees you end up in the emergency room. Lucky for you, in this article, we feature some tips you can incorporate to make the experience as seamless as possible.

But first;

How does a shrooms trip feel like?

Magic mushrooms affect people in different ways; therefore, there is no standard experience for users. When taken in the right dosage and the right setting, it can be a pleasant experience that delivers several benefits. A consumer will experience elevated moods (euphoria), a creativity boost, spiritual or mystical awakening, and an altered perception of oneself, time, and environment.

As highlighted above, the effects may also be negative, so magic mushrooms can be considered a double-edged sword, which possesses the power to do good or cause harm. Some of the side effects include paranoia, nausea, fear, and disorientation. The positive and negative side effects range from mild to extreme, and they last for 4 to 7 hours.

What tips can you incorporate to make the psychedelic shrooms trip smoother?

Be prepared

Before embarking on your shrooms trip, look into the process of consuming magic mushrooms. Ensure you understand the potential benefits and side effects of consuming the compound by doing thorough research.

If possible, talk to people who have consumed magic mushrooms before and gather the dos and don’ts of the craft.  

Set and setting

‘Set’ refers to your mindset right before taking the psychedelics as well as your intention, I.e., what you plan to achieve from experience. What is your mood? How do you feel?

‘Setting’ centers on your surroundings, i.e., the physical, social, and cultural aspects of your environment. Always ensure that you are in a safe area and surrounded by people you trust.

The right set and setting will facilitate a wholesome experience.

Have a trusted friend around

Magic mushrooms consumption is unpredictable; therefore, having someone around that you trust is highly beneficial. It could be a relative or a friend, but they need to have prior experience ‘sitting’ someone taking psychedelics. This ensures that they can handle any situation that presents itself.

Start with a lower dose.

Start with the smallest dose possible as you work yourself up to your tolerance level. This helps you avoid having a bad trip, which could turn out to be a bad experience.

Do not fight it

Since it is your first time, you will likely feel weird, but you need to remember that it’s part of the trip, so relax and don’t fight it. The secret behind a wholesome experience is going with the flow and letting the psychedelic high take the lead.

Take away

These few tips could make a whole lot of difference in your first psychedelic shrooms trip. Always ensure that you start with the smallest dose to avoid a bad trip and do not panic; let yourself enjoy the trip without overthinking or panicking and don’t forget to hydrate.

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