Is It Best to Consume Magic Mushrooms on An Empty or Full Stomach?

This question lingers on the minds of almost all novice shroom consumers, so we’ll go straight to the answer: taking mushrooms on an empty stomach is the best way to achieve optimal results. This is especially true for individuals who are sensitive to the effects of psilocybin, those who are susceptible to nausea, and anyone taking higher doses of shrooms.

Magic mushrooms can trigger nausea, which will ultimately affect your psychedelic trip. The best way to ensure an optimal experience is to make sure you have fasted at least 2 hours before taking your dose of shrooms. Additionally, do not consume excess food after consuming the shrooms; otherwise, the queasy feelings will ruin your whole experience. 

What causes nausea?

Studies looking into how psilocybin and how mushrooms in general causes nausea are still ongoing. However, the most preferred way to consume shrooms is in their dried form. Dispensaries in Canada stock a wide variety of dried mushrooms

Since magic mushrooms contain various compounds, the best way to establish which causes nausea is to investigate each individually. Owing to the complicated legal status of magic mushrooms, there has been only a limited amount of research conducted. Hopefully, as the psychedelic revolution continues, the studies shall help us uncover all there is to know about this life-changing fungus.

Fasting to foster spiritual awakening

Since ancient times, shamans and other people have relied on the art of fasting to sponsor profound visionary experiences. Some use other substances like magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, iboga, and cannabis to enhance the journey, while others attain their desired results solely through fasting. 

In modern times, research has shown that spiritual rituals such as chanting, fasting, drumming, and dancing can enhance an individual’s coordination and sponsor an increase in neural activity. In simple terms, fasting does help to create a favorable platform for a meaningful spiritual trip. 

How can you reduce nausea while embarking on a psychedelic trip?

Start with an empty or near-empty stomach

Right from the start, we have emphasized the need for an empty stomach to achieve a seamless and fulfilling psychedelic trip. When taking high doses of magic mushrooms, the chances of experiencing nausea and vomiting are heightened and facing it with an empty stomach tips the odds in your favor.

If you aim to trigger spiritual awakening, fasting for 12 to 24 hours is recommended. If you must eat, you can take fruits since they are instantly digested when they reach the stomach or some selected vegetables. 

Take a moderate dose. 

Microdosing magic mushrooms is unlikely to induce any nausea and vomiting. Only large amounts of magic mushrooms can trigger queasiness, especially for novice consumers.

Always listen to your own body. Everyone’s physiology is a bit different, your ideal dose may vary from others so start small and adjust accordingly. Do not take magic mushrooms in excess unless you are ready to experience ego death. 

Choose an ideal ‘setting.’

Before embarking on your psychedelic trip make sure you are comfortable in your environment since it can enhance your experience.

A comfortable backdrop can help curb the intensity of any queasiness if it arises.

Let go

The best and most effective tip to overcome feelings of nausea is to let go of all the negatives; fear, doubt, sadness, pain, nausea, and anxiety. Do not let them overpower you; instead, purge them and focus on the positive aspects of the experience. Meditation and positive affirmations can be great tools in achieving this end.

Take away

Ancient practices and modern science agree that psychedelics are more impactful when taken on an empty stomach. 

While magic mushrooms do cause feelings of nausea, you can curb them by taking them on an empty stomach, being in the right setting, taking optimum doses for your purpose, and letting go. is your one-stop shop for anything shroom-related. Visit our site to get the latest deals and discounts on dried/raw mushrooms, edibles, and capsules.

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