Can You Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

Can You Mix Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms and cannabis can produce euphoric and uplifting highs. You can safely use them together as long as there are the right conditions. Many people find that the effects that these drugs produce can complement each other and offer a more fulfilling and pleasant experience. 

About Shrooms and Cannabis

Both magic mushrooms and cannabis can cause mind-altering and euphoric properties. They can provide a more natural experience and are often considered to be better than synthetic ones. They are linked closely to each other, which means that many people choose to take them at the same time. This is fine, but you need to know what you can expect.

Using shrooms and cannabis together can be very fun. The effects of weed might change the way that psilocybin impacts you and make the overall experience more pleasant for you. You should keep in mind that the type of cannabis you use, when you take it, and how potent it is will impact the trip that you might have. You can stay safe and have a good trip when you know more about what you can expect.

About the Marijuana High

There are at least 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, including the most well-known ones, CBD and THC. THC is what can make you feel high after taking it. On the other hand, CBD might actually reduce the effects of THC and make it a less intense experience. 

Cannabis can have sedative effects, depending on the strain you pick. The high that you will experience can also be euphoric while making you feel calmer. The intensity will depend on the different cannabinoids in the plant. If there is more CBD than THC, you might feel more sedated and less euphoric. Many weed users find that the effects can enhance their senses and change the way that they perceive time. 

About the Marijuana High

About the Shroom High

Shrooms can cause you to hallucinate and feel euphoric. The psilocin and the psilocybin in them can alter your mind while you are on the trip.

Your metabolism will convert the psilocybin into psilocin. Then, it can act on your brain’s serotonin receptors and activate several. The psilocin can also increase the amount of dopamine in your body. That is what can cause strong sensations when you ingest shrooms.

Psilocybin shrooms are considered to be “uppers.” This means that they can make your body and mind feel energized. The high will usually come with joy, giddiness, and hallucinations, as well as sensations that feel outside of your body. 

Researchers believe that magic mushrooms may rewire the processing pathways in your brain. That can lead to you having intense emotions during your trip. If you have a particularly intense trip, it might be compared to having a deeply spiritual experience. An average trip will last anywhere from three to six hours, depending on how much you took. Since your sense of time is distorted and the effects are very intense, the trip might feel like a lot longer than that.

Even if you are only using shrooms with nothing else, you might have some adverse reactions. Some users find that they feel paranoia or anxiety during their trip. Some reactions might also cause panic or nausea. You might also notice some degree of lethargy, depression, or disorientation. Psilocybin shrooms might also result in chills, fever, or a higher-than-average body temperature. 

Mixing Both of Them

There is a synergistic effect when you mix shrooms and cannabis. Some people find that including weed can make the trip more intense while helping them to stay relaxed. Mixing the two can make your high intensely psychedelic. You may have thought-provoking sensations and visuals and abstract thoughts. 

The calming effects of cannabis can dull the trip enough to keep you relaxed. Some people believe that adding weed to their trip can make their peak more intense while keeping them calm during the come-down portion.

Both cannabis and magic mushrooms can indirectly affect the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is also known as the reward or feel-good chemical in your brain. That might also help you feel ambitious and motivated during your trip. However, it can also pull your brain to indecisive or repetitive thought patterns. When you take both at the same time, the effects will be more intense.

If you regularly use marijuana or shrooms, you might find that mixing them is enjoyable. However, you need to be familiar with both of them before you will have a good experience when mixing them. That way, they can enhance and facilitate you while you explore your mind. If you are not comfortable with either of them, then you should wait a while before you take them both at the same time. 

Mixing Both of Them

Controlling Your Effects

Your cannabis dosage and your personal genetics will determine the effects that cannabis will have on your magic mushroom experience. Using a sativa strain that is high in THC might help you feel more positive and have more energy during your trip. On the other hand, strains that are higher in CBD or are indicas might help you feel calmer while relieving your jitters or your nausea. Because of the unique blend, a hybrid strain may not be as predictable for you.

The outcome will also depend on the timing of your consumption of cannabis. If you take it near the beginning of the trip, then you can feel calmer as you come up. But if you take it near the end, you can feel more relaxed as you come down from the trip. Taking it at your peak might enhance the sensations or visuals that you experience. By timing it right, you can better navigate the parts of a trip that you want to improve on.

Closing Thoughts

Combining magic mushrooms and weed can be a very pleasant experience. But you should do it safely and follow the right steps. Knowing what you can expect and when can help you enjoy the best experience possible while reducing your anxiety.

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